The skiing, may be, aren't the happiness in itself
but could quite substitute for it.
Michael Claret

Welcome to Vectorsport ltd. website! We present our implemented and tested ideas relating the racing skis and bindings construction.
The most of our patents is the response to wide usage of skating style in skiing. Ski and bindings constructions presented on our website have the best usage conditions compliance. It was approved by leading professional skiers.
We are in ski development over 15 years. Some of our new ski and binding constructions could impartially reckon revolutionary. Now many of our ski constructions used by almost all leading ski manufacturers.

We always ready for cooperation: We may offer licenses for skis and bindings production and any other form of cooperation.

We would like to express our gratitude to Mamatov V.F., Anikin N.P., Pyatygin A.I., Povalyaeva I.V., Matvere T., Tammiste H., Pay T., Lats K. for their support and help in producing and testing the first skis samples. Also thanks to Victor Kuzminsky for english translation and to Vecs for website design.
Our special gratitude to the coach Belonosov B.Z.

General Director of Vectorsport ltd., Dr. Alexandr Ryazanov- author and patentee of described ski constructions.

Patents list:

 Patent   Description

X-Guide bindings
Patent RU
Ski bindings
description is there -->
Priority January 30, 2001

 This binding has a principally new construction. It could give a start to a new family of ski bindings for racing, ski jumping, alpine ski, tourism, rest and special purposes skis.
Asia ski
Patent RU Skidescription is there -->
Priority May 03 , 2001
Racing skis with asymmetrical ski form for particular track conditions.

Patent RU Skidescription is there -->
Priority October 15 , 1985
In force since September 20, 1993


  Racing ski with the upper surface shifted towards the internal edge. It provides reducing of the torque applied to the shank, especially on the hard even iced tracks. Provides better grip with the track while skating.


Patent RU Skidescription is there -->
Priority January 8 , 1988
In force since September 20, 1993


 Racing ski for soft tracks with newly fallen snow. Provides more equal pressure along the ski as compared to the traditional ski.


Patent RU Skidescription is there -->
Priority May 14 , 1986
In force since September 20, 1993


  Racing skis with asymmetrical tip and tail forms provides better grip with the track while skating and reducing the reaction forces on meeting hard snow lumps.


Patent RU Skidescription is there -->
Priority May 12 , 1987
In force since September 20, 1993


  Racing ski with asymmetrical tip form facilitates to overcome the track roughs and hard snow lumps, sizes of 1 to 5 cm while skating.
Easy skiing along track roughs.


Patent RU
Folding skidescription is there -->
Priority October 19 , 1990
In force since February 27, 1995


 Ski for tourism, rest, hunting and the army. The skis length when folded and packed is 100 cm at the most, which is quite comfortable for transportation and storage.


Patent RU
Ski bindingsdescription is there -->
Priority May 19 , 1988
In force since October 8, 1990


 This binding provides adjustment of the boot position appropriate to the skier individuality and the track properties.


Patent RU
Technique of skis makedescription is there -->
Priority Mart 15 , 1988
In force since January 7 , 1990


This technique provides high quality middle ski wedge (core) conglutination with top as well with bottom ski plates.

İAlexander Ryazanov, 1985-2003.